SpacePole Push Lock


Developed in association with Kensington, the Push-Lock not only secures, but contributes to the elegant and minimalist appearance of the solutions it’s compatible with.

When used in combination with the SpacePole MultiClip™ and SpacePole Solo™ payment mounts, it provides the security you require without affecting the ability of the mount to be turned 360 degrees. The Push-Lock also helps ensure PCI physical security best practice compliance.

The Push-lock is also an option for our SpacePole A-Frame™ tablet enclosure, providing maximum security for any unattended applications such as customer information points, price look up or self-service for food delivery and takeaway ordering.

Simple to set up with just two screws, Push-Lock removes the need for tethers which take up space, and can reduce the functionality of some solutions.


• SpacePole MultiClip
• SpacePole Solo
• SpacePole A-Frame

Product Specifications

Device Model PushLock
Height adjustable? No
Lock Type Pushlock
Main material Metal
Mounting Other , DuraTilt / MultiClip

Family Features

High Carbon Steel with with unique PushLock function to integrate with many SpacePole solution like Solo and Tablet solutions

Family Benefits

Optimal security and improved PCI DSS assessment

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