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SpacePole In-Window floor mount


SpacePole In-Window wire mount


SpacePole In-Window ceiling mount

SPDS4300 and SPDS4301


SpacePole In-Window floor mount

The SpacePole In-Window floor mount enables you to deliver highly targeted messages to specific customer segments. Promote seasonal items, delivery options, instore offers and much more with this space saving single or back-to-back solution. Stable and secure, this slimline design is the ideal platform to engage with your customers in both large and convenience or smaller retail formats with medium footfall.


Slim footprint and hidden cabling: Optimised for window installations

Versatile Compatibility: Screen bracket accommodates various VESA Patterns as well as being compatible with either single or double screen installations

Predefined screen height options: Select your preferred screen position

Modular design: Ensures easy assembly of the solution on site

In-Window Floor Mount - supermarket retail installation
In-Window Floor Mount - Single and Double-sided

In-Window Floor Mount (SPDS4100) Single and Double-sided


Unleash your floorspace potential: The ultimate solution for confined areas

Future-Proof solution: Seamlessly adapt to future digital signage installations, minimising waste and replacement costs

Tailored Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to set the screen height as per your preference during installation

Affordable Installation & Maintenance: Reduce time and cost in setting up and maintaining the display with easy accessibility


SpacePole In-Window wire mount™

When brand identity is everything, and looks matter for example in a fashion store, this slimline, minimalist In-window wire mount brings customer facing messaging to life. Compatible with a  screen in landscape or portrait from 42” – 75”, this easy to install solution offers a seamless floating display solution for low footfall environments. Fitted snug to the window itself, it reduces the risk of reflections ensuring that your messaging gets across, as you intended!


Elegant simplicity: 4mm steel wire supported solution for a minimalistic look

Versatile mounting options: Versatile mounting options: Install the screen at any desired height

Effortless setup: Single tension point for both wires for easy installation and ensuring they remain out of reach once installed

In-Window Wire Mount - fashion retail installation

In-Window Wire solutions (SPDS4200) including covers


Seamless floating display: Unseen mounting solution for unparalleled aesthetics

Unleash your creative mind: Enjoy complete flexibility to determine the screen height during installation

Cost-effective setup & maintenance: Time and cost savings for installation and display maintenance, particularly when easy access is needed

SPDS4300 and SPDS4301

SpacePole In-Window ceiling mount

The SpacePole Digital Signage In-Window ceiling mount for Samsung’s OM55N-DS & OM55N-D back-to-back window displays enables you to deliver highly targeted messaging to specific customer audiences.

Draw in customers with your external facing messaging and inform and engage with your internal digital content. Internal cable management completes an aesthetic design that complements the look and feel of the Samsung screens.

Digital Signage should seamlessly integrate with your brand identity.

Our ability to offer custom colours for this solution, provides that brand connection.


Robust yet slim: A minimalist design, but one fit for purpose with looks to complement your brand identity

Effortless installation: Simple to mount with access to screen handle for easy installation

Cable management: Optimised for window displays. No unsightly cables!

Custom colours: In-house capability to colour match to your corporate identity

Versatile additional mounting options: Optional extension to mount above a suspended ceiling

In-Window on ceiling Mount - QSR installation


Minimal footprint: Maximise the use of your window display area

Time saving: Install and turn on. Plug and play digital signage

Image conscious: Elevate your brand with state of the art technology that resonates with your customer base

Make it your own: Embrace your brand with both colours and identity

Expand your installation options: Allow for installation in an environment with a suspended ceiling – for example, grocery retail environments

Antimicrobial Powder Paint

Antimicrobial powder coating is applied, as standard, to all SpacePole® metal products ordered in black for effective, long term protection from germs and bacteria.

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