TabPOS X-Frame™

Creating a Home for Business Tablets

Tablet POS, customer self-service and digital signage

Our popular X-Frame is a simple slim tablet mount solution that keeps the essential buzz of using an iPad or other tablets whilst offering a secure mounting solution. X-Frame is ideal for tablet POS, customer self-service, and digital signage at the point of sale or point of service.

Now with antimicrobial powder coating


Multiple mounting options

X-Frame combines our traditional expertise and knowledge with a new aesthetic design which creates a solution for multiple applications. Compatible with a range of SpacePole mounting solutions, X-Frame can be desk, wall or floor stand mounted. The X-Frame tablet stand is perfect for a wide range of applications for the retail and hospitality marketplaces.

Counter mount


Counter mount

tilt, rotation and flip

Wall mount

flush or angled

Floor mount


Practicality made simple

Simple and functional, the X-Frame tablet mount also provides excellent physical protection to the tablet. With an open frame, X-Frame ensures that whatever tablet you choose, you will have access to buttons and functions that your tablet provides. We make it easy to connect to its power lead which can be quickly removed from the tablet to charge other devices, in an instant.

X-Frame Tablet Compatibility

Apple tablet matrix Model Number Year Size A-Frame
iPad Mini 4 A2567 (Wi-Fi) A2568 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2569 (Wi-Fi + 5G 2015 7,9" SPXF10005
iPad Mini 5 A2133 (Wi-Fi) A2124 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2126 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2019 7,9" SPXF10005
iPad Mini 6 A1538 (Wi-Fi) A1550 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2021 8,3" SPXF23005
iPad 9,7" (5th Gen) A1822 (Wi-Fi) A1823 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2017 9,7" SPXF4605
iPad 9,7" (6th Gen) A1893 (Wi-Fi) A1954 (Wi-Fi + 4G 2018 9,7" SPXF4605
iPad Air 2 A1566 (Wi-Fi) A1567 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2014 9,7" SPXF7205
iPad 10.2" (7th Gen) A2197 (Wi-Fi) A2200 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2198 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2019   SPXF14305
iPad 10.2" (8th Gen) A2270 (Wi-Fi) A2428 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2429 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2430 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2020 10,2" SPXF14305
iPad 10.2" (9th Gen) A2602 (Wi-Fi) A2604 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2603 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2021 10,2" SPXF14305
iPad 10.9" (10th Gen) A2757 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2777 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2022 10,9" SPXF19005
iPad Air 10.5" (3rd Gen) A2152 (Wi-Fi) A2123 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2153 (Wi-Fi + 4G 2019 10,5" SPXF14305
iPad Pro 10.5" A1701 (Wi-Fi) A1709 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2017 10,5" SPXF14305
iPad Air 10.9" (4th Gen) A2316 (Wi-Fi) A2324 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2325 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2072 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2020 10,9" SPXF21905
iPad Air 10.9" (5th Gen) A2588 (Wi-Fi) A2589 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2591 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2022 10,9" SPXF21905
iPad Pro 11" (1st Gen) A1980 (Wi-Fi) A2013 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A1934 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2018 11" SPXF19005
iPad Pro 11" * (2nd Gen) A2228 (Wi-Fi) A2068 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2230 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2020 11" SPXF19005
iPad Pro 11" * (3th Gen) A2377 (Wi-Fi) A2459 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2301 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2021 11" SPXF19005
iPad Pro 11" * (4th Gen) A2435 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2761 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2762 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2022 11" SPXF19005
iPad Pro 12.9" (3rd Gen) A1876 (Wi-Fi) A2014 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A1895 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2018 12,9" SPXF18205
iPad Pro 12.9" (4th Gen) A2229 (Wi-Fi) A2069 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2232 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2020 12,9" SPXF18205
iPad Pro 12.9" (5th Gen) A2378 (Wi-Fi) A2461 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2379 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2021 12,9" SPXF18205

Samsung tablet matrix Year Size Model X-Frame
Galaxy Tab A 10.1" 2019 10.1" SM-T510 (Wi-Fi) SM-T515 (LTE) SPXF19405
Galaxy Tab A 10.5" 2018 10.5" SM-T590 (Wi-Fi); SM-T595 (LTE) SPXF18805
Galaxy Tab S4 10.5" 2018 10.5" SM-T830 (Wi-Fi) SM-T835 (LTE) SPXF18005
Galaxy Tab S5E 10.5" 2019 10.5" SM-T720 (Wi-Fi) SM-T725 (LTE) SPXF19205
Galaxy Tab S6 10.5" 2019 10.5" SM-T860 (Wi-Fi) SM-T865 (LTE) SPXF19205
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4" 2020 10.4" SM-P610 (Wi-Fi) SM-P615 (LTE) SPXF20905
Galaxy Tab S7 11" 2020 11" SM-T870 (Wi-Fi) SM-T875 (LTE) SM-T876B (LTE/5G) SPXF23705
Galaxy Tab S7+ 12.4" 2020 12.4" SM-T970 (Wi-Fi) SM-T976B (LTE/5G) SPXF21705
Galaxy Tab A7 10.4" 2020 10.4" SM-T500 (Wi-Fi) SM-T505 (LTE) SPXF21505
Galaxy Tab A7 LITE 8,7" 2021 8,7" SM-T220 (Wi-Fi) SM-T225 (LTE) SPXF21605
Galaxy Tab A8 10.5" 2021 10.5" SM-X200 (Wi-Fi) SM-X205(LTE) SPXF23105
Galaxy Tab S8 11" 2022 11" SM-X700 (Wi-Fi) SM-X706 (5G) SPXF23705
Galaxy Tab S8+ 12.4" 2022 12.4" SM-X800 (Wi-Fi) SM-X806 (5G) SPXF21705

Tablet Model Tablet Size Tablet Release Year X-Frame Model
Surface Go 2018   SPXF17805
Aava Inari / Zebra ET5X   8" SPXF11105
Aava Inari / Zebra ET5X   10" SPXF11905
HP Engage GO   10" SPXF17905
HP ElitePad 1000     SPXF2205


Mounting options Multiple counter mounts, floor stand and wall mount
Material Steel
Installation and set-up 2 x screws to assemble frame

Access to power plug

Access to on and off-button

Access to volume buttons

Access to front and back camera for majority of tablets

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