TabPOS C-Frame™

Tablet POS made simple

With a simple and functional design, the C-Frame is an ideal solution for tablet POS.

It is elegant, but still robust. It gives protection to your tablet, but without hiding it and provides the flexibility to give your counter a personal look. Perfect for the specialist retailer, pop-up shop, bar, or restaurant, the C-Frame is a versatile stand-alone point of sale solution for iOS, Android and Windows tablet devices.

Now with antimicrobial powder coating

Why choose C-Frame?

Enclosures such as the SpacePole C-Frame provide the mounting solution to bring a tablet device to life. The practicalities of using a consumer device in a commercial environment mean that protection and security are both vital elements to be considered. Whilst providing a platform for use, C-Frame secures the device from accidental damage and opportunist theft, and protecting your hardware investment.

At Ergonomic Solutions, we have a proven track record in delivering robust tablet enclosures, stands and mounts that meet and exceed your requirements.

Tablet Point of Sale

Tablet POS is the new good-looking way to have your point of sale stand out from the rest. Combine your tablet with C-Frame and you have a great looking and secure installation. Our mounting solutions enable a second customer facing screen to be added, for those at the till promotions, along with a payment terminal or scanner.

C-Frame with black powder coating
C-Frame with black powder coating

Simple to setup and easy to use

Simply place your tablet and run the cable and you are ready for business within moments. Great cable management ensures that the installation looks neat and professional. The open design of the C-Frame gives access to tablet functions, whilst hiding cables. Removing the tablet to use for other purposes is simple: A hinged backplate and a handwheel or security screw means that this process is quick and easy.


Create it your way

C-Frame is designed to be flexible. We understand that your business has its own individual requirements. You may want to add additional security or rotation for those applications where a customer interaction is needed. Built around this flexibility, SpacePole C-Frame accommodates the mounting of a wide range of peripherals directly on to the frame for one integrated space saving point of sale.


Comes with the option of side or top mounting bracket for payment devices and scanners.


A rotation base can be added to enable the screen to be turned through 180 degrees to enhance customer engagement.

Wall Mount

Security lock

A Kensington lock can be added for extra security.


C-Frame is the perfect flexible mount for tablet POS. With its wealth of accessories C-Frame is the heart of a bundled “Everything in one box” solution for retail or hospitality environments.

Cash drawer wrap

Cash drawer wrap

(APG and STAR compatibility)

A cash drawer solution (APG Vasario 1313 & APG ECD 330 and Star CB2002) helps to protect the drawer as well as providing a secure base for the C-Frame.



A special mount is available to create a very neat tablet POS combination featuring SpacePole C-Frame and the Star compact receipt printer and cash drawer combination.

C-Frame Tablet Compatibility

Apple tablet matrix Model Number Year Size C-Frame
iPad Mini 4 A2567 (Wi-Fi) A2568 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2569 (Wi-Fi + 5G 2015 7,9" SPCF100
iPad Mini 5 A2133 (Wi-Fi) A2124 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2126 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2019 7,9" SPCF100
iPad Mini 6 A1538 (Wi-Fi) A1550 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2021 8,3" SPCF100
iPad 9,7" (5th Gen) A1822 (Wi-Fi) A1823 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2017 9,7" SPCF300
iPad 9,7" (6th Gen) A1893 (Wi-Fi) A1954 (Wi-Fi + 4G 2018 9,7" SPCF300
iPad Air 2 A1566 (Wi-Fi) A1567 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2014 9,7" SPCF300
iPad 10.2" (7th Gen) A2197 (Wi-Fi) A2200 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2198 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2019   SPCF700
iPad 10.2" (8th Gen) A2270 (Wi-Fi) A2428 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2429 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2430 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2020 10,2" SPCF700
iPad 10.2" (9th Gen) A2602 (Wi-Fi) A2604 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2603 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2021 10,2" SPCF700
iPad 10.9" (10th Gen) A2757 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2777 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2022 10,9" SPCF700
iPad Air 10.5" (3rd Gen) A2152 (Wi-Fi) A2123 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2153 (Wi-Fi + 4G 2019 10,5" SPCF700
iPad Pro 10.5" A1701 (Wi-Fi) A1709 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2017 10,5" SPCF700
iPad Air 10.9" (4th Gen) A2316 (Wi-Fi) A2324 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2325 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2072 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2020 10,9" SPCF700
iPad Air 10.9" (5th Gen) A2588 (Wi-Fi) A2589 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2591 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2022 10,9" SPCF700
iPad Pro 11" (1st Gen) A1980 (Wi-Fi) A2013 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A1934 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2018 11" SPCF700
iPad Pro 11" * (2nd Gen) A2228 (Wi-Fi) A2068 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2230 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2020 11" SPCF700
iPad Pro 11" * (3th Gen) A2377 (Wi-Fi) A2459 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2301 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2021 11" SPCF700
iPad Pro 11" * (4th Gen) A2435 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2761 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2762 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2022 11" SPCF700
iPad Pro 12.9" (3rd Gen) A1876 (Wi-Fi) A2014 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A1895 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2018 12,9" SPCF700
iPad Pro 12.9" (4th Gen) A2229 (Wi-Fi) A2069 (Wi-Fi + 4G) A2232 (Wi-Fi + 4G) 2020 12,9" SPCF700
iPad Pro 12.9" (5th Gen) A2378 (Wi-Fi) A2461 (Wi-Fi + 5G) A2379 (Wi-Fi + 5G) 2021 12,9" SPCF700

Samsung tablet matrix Year Size Model C-Frame
Galaxy Tab A 10.1" 2019 10.1" SM-T510 (Wi-Fi) SM-T515 (LTE) SPCF800
Galaxy Tab S4 10.5" 2018 10.5" SM-T830 (Wi-Fi) SM-T835 (LTE) SPCF900
Galaxy Tab S5E 10.5" 2019 10.5" SM-T720 (Wi-Fi) SM-T725 (LTE) SPCF900
Galaxy Tab S6 10.5" 2019 10.5" SM-T860 (Wi-Fi) SM-T865 (LTE) SPCF900
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4" 2020 10.4" SM-P610 (Wi-Fi) SM-P615 (LTE) SPCF800
Galaxy Tab S7 11" 2020 11" SM-T870 (Wi-Fi) SM-T875 (LTE) SM-T876B (LTE/5G) SPCF200
Galaxy Tab S7+ 12.4" 2020 12.4" SM-T970 (Wi-Fi) SM-T976B (LTE/5G) SPCF600
Galaxy Tab S7+ 12.4" FE 2021 12.4" SM-T730 (Wi-Fi) SM-T733 SM-T736B (FE 5G) SPCF600
Galaxy Tab A7 10.4" 2020 10.4" SM-T500 (Wi-Fi) SM-T505 (LTE) SPCF900
Galaxy Tab A7 LITE 8,7" 2021 8,7" SM-T220 (Wi-Fi) SM-T225 (LTE) SPCF400
Galaxy Tab A8 10.5" 2021 10.5" SM-X200 (Wi-Fi) SM-X205(LTE) SPCF900
Galaxy Tab S8 11" 2022 11" SM-X700 (Wi-Fi) SM-X706 (5G) SPCF200
Galaxy Tab S8+ 12.4" 2022 12.4" SM-X800 (Wi-Fi) SM-X806 (5G) SPCF600

Tablet Model Tablet Release Year Tablet Size C-Frame Model
Surface Go 2018 10" SPCF700

Compatible Payment Devices

Ingenico: iSMP4, Link/2500 series (Standard, slim and touch), Link/2500i

Verifone: e355, e280, e285

Miura: M010, M020

iZettle: iZettle Reader 2

PayPal: Mobile Card Reader

Square: Square reader for magstripe

ID Tech: Shuttle Mobile Audio Plug MagStripe Reader

PayAnywhere: PAR-1 Mobile card reader

MagTeK: uDynamo


Mounting type Integrated stand
Material Steel
Cable Management Within the frame
Installation and set up 1 x security screw or 1 x handwheel for toolless installation

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