SpacePole Self-Service Kiosk™

Hardware agnostic, Modular, Configurable, Customisable

Our self-service kiosk is compatible with all VESA 75/75 – 100/100 display screens from 10” – 32” from all of the major manufacturers including:

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Independent of hardware and technology manufacturer​

Hardware agnostic, modular, configurable and customisable

Supports tablets and VESA 75/75 and 100/100 compliant screens from 10” to 32”


The SpacePole Kiosk  provides a configurable platform for self-service applications in the grocery, retail, hospitality, entertainment and transportation sectors.

Ideal for self-check-in/check-out, self-ordering, endless aisle, product display & advertising, ticketing, click & collect and many more.

A supermarket customer interacting with a freestanding SpacePole Self-Service Kiosk™.


The kiosk is compatible with screens and tablets from 10” to 32”, payment devices from 20+ different payment vendors and a wide range of printer and scanner brands.




Floor, counter, and wall options can be built from the same products


Build the kiosk to suit your application. Add payments, scanning, printing, customer recognition cameras, NFC, and fingerprint readers as required, along with any tablet or VESA compatible display from 10-32”


A bespoke kiosk can be built for your exact requirements, with design modifications, change of colour, and specific hardware combinations

Robust Design

The Kiosk is intended for unattended self-service use in a range of high traffic environments

SpacePole Kiosk ™
A man paying for a coffee using the SpacePole Kiosk ™
A lady taking a receipt from the SpacePole Kiosk ™
Freestanding SpacePole Kiosk ™
Counter-mounted SpacePole Kiosk ™
Wall-mounted SpacePole Kiosk ™

Our freestanding, counter & wall solutions

Antimicrobial Powder Paint

Antimicrobial powder coating is applied, as standard, to all SpacePole® metal products ordered in black for effective, long term protection from germs and bacteria.

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