Workplace Ergonomics

The ability of employees to do their jobs is influenced by workspace attributes, equipment and job content

While deviation from optimal design of work equipment and environments is tolerable, there is a limit to the amount of adaptation to unsuitable conditions an employee can reasonably be asked to make.

Beyond this point there is a cost, which can be defined in terms of efficiency, discomfort, frustration and dissatisfaction, work stress, attrition, and increased potential for accidents and personal injury. In short, good ergonomics can be defined as "fitting the task the the person, rather than the person, to the task"

Ergonomics whitepapers to download

Our whitepapers demonstrate how technology SHOULD be used and installed, ensuring that the workstation can be changed to suit different physical attributes, needs and preferences for both customer and operator alike.

Available in PDF format. Please click on thumbnails below to download.

Accessibility in Retail

vers 1.0

Mel Swann M.Sc.(Hons)

Ergonomics of Tablets

vers 2.0

Mel Swann M.Sc.(Hons)

Ergonomics of Touchscreens

vers 2.0

Mel Swann M.Sc.(Hons)

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