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Self-Service & Digital Signage has unlocked a wealth of opportunities for the retail and hospitality industries.

Our expertise in providing modular, configurable, and customisable technology mounting solutions give us an almost unique opportunity to bring the SpacePole brand, through its kiosk & signage product set, to a wholly new and exciting set of applications.

Digital Retail Signage | YouTube Video

The Retail Exchange podcast, presented by Trust Systems

Hosted by Jason Bradbury


From Trust Systems: Andy Fox, Sales Director and Mike Dowson, Commercial Director
From Samsung Display: Steve Robertson, Head of Business Development and John Bathgate, Business Development Manager
From Ergonomic Solutions: Chris Dewar, Business Development Manager – Digital Signage Europe

Take a look at this discussion with our panel of industry experts shot during our ‘Seeing is Believing with Digital Signage’ event at Samsung KX, in Coal Drops Yard London.

We explore the now and the next in digital signage solutions – the trends, the technology, and the challenges for businesses as they seek to make informed strategic decisions that will shape their customer experience and engagement.

Digital Signage Solutions

SpacePole Hook & Rail

The SPDS2000 series has been optimised for the Retail, QSR, Hospitality and Entertainment markets and can be configured to meet your requirements for digital menu boards and other ceiling and wall mounted applications.

SpacePole Indoor enclosures

Consumers expect a joined-up sales strategy, meaning that what they find in-store reflects what that they find online. Digital signage is the platform to bring those multichannel messages together, allowing retailers to draw the attention of customers both in-store and passing by.

With its secure and stable design, the SpacePole Universal indoor enclosure is ideal for the retail, hospitality, and entertainment industries to drive digital engagement with customers and end-users.

SpacePole In-Window Mounts

The SpacePole In-window floor mount enables you to deliver highly targeted messages to specific customer segments. Promote seasonal items, delivery options, instore offers and much more with this space saving single or back-to-back solution. Stable and secure, this slimline design is the ideal platform to engage with your customers in both large and convenience or smaller retail formats with medium footfall.

When brand identity is everything, and looks matter for example in a fashion store, this slimline, minimalist SpacePole In-window wire mount brings customer facing messaging to life. Compatible with a  screen in landscape or portrait from 42” – 75”, this easy to install solution offers a seamless floating display solution for low footfall environments. Fitted snug to the window itself, it reduces the risk of reflections ensuring that your messaging gets across, as you intended!

SpacePole Outdoor enclosures

Engage with your customers and increase your revenue, with the SPDS3000 Series mounting solution for outdoor digital signage applications. This is a Samsung design approved solution for digital signage displays.

Digital Signage provides a communication platform for customers, enabling a seamless experience from drive-through to indoor ordering. The SPDS3000 Series provides a simple solution for QSR, Hospitality and Retail.

Self-Checkout & Self-Service Kiosks

SpacePole Self-Checkout Kiosk™

Cost effective, flexible, and accessible

A cost-effective self-checkout platform designed to accommodate the latest and future technologies driving customer operated point of sale. The SCO Kiosk focusses on providing accessibility for all, with the option for display height adjustment and payment reach, along with audio and navigation devices to provide the best possible customer experience, for everyone. 

SpacePole Self-Service Kiosk™

The SpacePole Self-Service Kiosk   provides a configurable platform for self-service applications in the grocery, retail, hospitality, entertainment and transportation sectors.

Ideal for self-check-in/check-out, self-ordering, endless aisle, product display & advertising, ticketing, click & collect and many more.

Antimicrobial Powder Paint

Antimicrobial powder coating is applied, as standard, to all SpacePole® metal products ordered in black for effective, long term protection from germs and bacteria.

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