Whistleblower Policy

Ergonomic Solutions is committed to adhere to the highest standards of ethical, moral, and legal conduct of business operations.

The Whistleblower Policy has been introduced by ES to enable employees and other individuals associated with Ergonomic Solutions to not overlook any concern but instead raise it at an early stage and in the right manner, without fear of retaliation, victimisation, subsequent discrimination, or disadvantage at workplace.

Our Whistleblower Policy serves as a crucial mechanism for uncovering and addressing misconduct, fraud, or unethical behaviour within our organisation. It provides a confidential channel for individuals to report concerns without fear of retaliation. By encouraging transparency and accountability, we strive to safeguard our reputation, protect our stakeholders, and uphold the trust placed in us.

Reporting concerns through our Whistleblower system is simple and confidential. Individuals can submit reports anonymously through our designated online reporting channel:




Our secure online platform allows whistleblowers to submit reports from anywhere, at any time, with the option to remain anonymous.

We encourage all employees, partners, suppliers, and stakeholders to speak up if they encounter behaviour that violates our policies, laws, or ethical standards. Your insights and observations are invaluable in helping us maintain a culture of integrity and accountability.

At Ergonomic Solutions, we are committed to listening, investigating, and taking action on all reports received through our Whistleblower system. Together, we can uphold our shared values and ensure the continued success and reputation of our organisation.

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