SpacePole Universal Enclosure for 55” displays – Wall mounted


Indoor Digital Signage Enclosures


The SpacePole Digital Signage indoor enclosure provides an eye-catching solution for mounting your digital signage screens. Consumers expect a joined-up sales strategy, meaning that what they find in-store reflects what that they find online. 

  • Universal to fit a wide range of 55” screens
  • Hinged door for easy access to screen for maintenance
  • Security screws to prevent unauthorized access to screen
  • Includes a 4mm safety glass following the EN12600 norm to protect the screen​
  • Hook-on VESA bracket for easy installation of screen
  • Same enclosure design as SPDS1003 and SPDS1004 for consistent look & feel throughout the store


Approved for the range of Samsung screens: QE55T, BE55C-H, QH55C, QH55B, QB55R-B, QM55B, QM55R, QM55R-A, QB55R, QH55R, QB55B, QM55C, QB55C, QM55B-T

Product Specifications

Device Brand BenQ , Hisense , LG , NEC , Panasonic , Philips , Planar , Samsung , Sharp
Enclosure Format Single Sided
Enclosure type Indoor
Main material Metal
Maximum Screen Size 55
Minimum Screen Size 55
Mounting Type Wall


Ergonomic design coupled with a range of versatile mounting options ensures adaptability to various environments and preferences


Users experience enhanced comfort and efficiency while businesses benefit from seamless integration and flexible deployment, optimizing both functionality and customer experience

The SpacePole Universal indoor enclosure is compatible with a wide range of 55” screens from Samsung, BenQ, Hisense, LG, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Planar, Sharp and others

Ideal for the retail, hospitality, and entertainment industries to drive digital engagement with customers and end-users, both in-store and passing by

Small Footprint & Consistent Design: Across our indoor product range (Wall, Floor or Window mounted versions)

Safety and Security: Protective safety glass included with each enclosure as well as top and bottom security screws

Designed and manufactured in Denmark: Short lead times with a focus on simplicity, quality and sustainability

Easy installation & Maintenance: The modular design ensures that the solutions can be assembled easily on site, whilst also providing easy removal of the screen for maintenance

Customisation: Available in a wide range of colours, with the ability to add your own corporate touch

Space optimisation with “one look”: Designed with a minimal footprint for space optimisation on the retail floor, maintaining your “look & feel” throughout the store

Safe and secure: Protecting your customers and preventing tampering or theft of the screen

Sustainability: The slim enclosure is designed and manufactured in line with our core value to respect the planet

Cost-effective installation & Maintenance: Saves time and cost in installation as well as maintenance of the display when easy access is required

Make it your Own: Including the use of your corporate colours, logo and brand identity

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