SpacePole Accessibility Arm with 120mm pole (SP2)


Our Accessibility Arm is ideal for environments where access is difficult or wheelchair use is required. The Accessibility Arm for payment terminals reduces and improves height and reach distance for disabled customers and as well as offering easy operator adjustment when customers need assistance. It also provides privacy for PIN entry and contactless payments for those in wheelchairs

Product Specifications

Angle of rotation 210
Base Type Standard flange Footprint Ø97mm
Cable Management External cable management clip
Height adjustable? Yes
Warranty 5 years
Lock Type ClickSafe
Main material Metal
Mounting Type Counter
Pole diameter type SP1 outer = 44.5mm
Swingarm length 250
Tilt angle range 10-70°


Fixed and Mobile Payments mounting solutions


Mount payment devices from ANY manufacturer

Wide range of more payments mounts - Wall, with height adjustment, payment paddle etc.

Ensuring they meet the unique needs of your business environment, whether it's a retail store, restaurant, or any other setting

Allows height adjustment of the payment device (towards the user)

Enhances ergonomic comfort, accommodating users of different heights and ensuring a more accessible and user-friendly transaction experience

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