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Delivering a Managed Dynamic Signage Solution to Aldi

Dynamic Signage Helping Drive Innovation at Aldi

By implementing a networked dynamic signage solution across its estate Aldi is not only able to drive additional revenues from real-time, targeted promotional content, but also the solution has supported Aldi's future innovations including it’s cutting-edge Shop & Go store. We have worked with Aldi for many years, initially providing a managed secure wireless network across its store estate. We then worked together to consider opportunities to leverage the enterprise grade network to enhance the in-store experience.

This is when we began discussions on a dynamic signage solution. The solution would be a very different proposition than simply a screen in store. Aldi required the solution to be centrally managed across the network with content robustly running across its full estate of circa 1,200 stores. Our team of technology experts scoured possible best-of-breed technology providers with whom it could customise a solution for Aldi and decided on a partnership with Samsung.

Such an organisation, with its global reach, clearly had the capability to deliver solutions at scale, and with a consistency of experience, that Aldi demands. Aldi was also intent on ensuring there was consistency to the visual look of the screens in its stores, whereby they looked to be seamlessly integrated with the rest of the physical infrastructure. Rather than a standard wall-mount the project required a sophisticated solution and for this we partnered with Ergonomic Solutions to develop the relevant housing for the screens.

The proof-of-concept was trialled across six stores and along with the obvious cost savings from the reduction on the production and distribution of promotional materials Aldi also tracked KPI’s based on the Return on Investment (ROI) of the screens over the trial period. During this time they ran promotional content on Easter eggs and legs of lamb. The immediate rise in sales could clearly be attributed to the impact of the screens. This in turn gave Aldi the confidence to not only commit to installing the technology in its new stores, but also a retro-fit roll-out programme to over 700 stores.

During the period of Covid-19 we worked with Aldi to send out teams daily installing 12-15 screens a day. The solution predominantly included three 55-inch screens in each store, one in the entrance to welcome customers, the second and third located around the packing benches facing shoppers in the queues for the tills. Exceptions to this included the smaller Aldi city format stores, where screens were placed around the shelving, and stores like the Arndale in Manchester where screens also faced outwards into the shopping centre.

The content for the screens was managed in collaboration between three parties - Aldi, its media partner McCann to devise the campaigns and us to set it up and manage across the network. Initially the same play list of content was used across the whole estate. Then Aldi gradually became more sophisticated and leveraged the value of delivering a variety of communication and content by region, time etc. During the pandemic it recognised the ability to relay messaging following Government guidance changes to shoppers quickly. For example as guidance changed in Wales Aldi was able to delivery specific content in the Welsh language to its Wales-based stores within a couple of hours. These regional communications managed centrally have been extended to highlighting one-off events in individual stores.

Aldi has also experimented with different content on the screens in the lobby compared with those in the packing area and the offers have been changed more often, with weekly changes now commonplace. The company’s confidence in the solution and its effectiveness at driving messaging that converts into sales uplifts is resulting in the company considering other specific usages.



59% of people who come in contact with Dynamic Signage in multiple locations later wanted to learn more about the advertised topic.*


The proven ability of the dynamic signage to convey messaging that hits home has led to it being an integral part of the Shop & Go concept store that Aldi launched in London’s Greenwich area last year. The broad customer base of the frictionless store very much needed educating about how to use the store, which has had all traditional checkouts and self-service terminals removed. The dynamic signage was regarded as the best route to tell customers about the innovative store because the content could be changed dependent on how shoppers adopted this new way of shopping.


This flagship store project also demanded its own specific screen configuration with the installation of six 85-inch screens facing outwards onto the street that are on a timed loop to give the impression that the text and imagery is passing from screen to screen, which conveys movement. Further screens are built into
the chillers as well as a number of thin-design units attached to pillars.

Along with the education-related content the screens around the Shop & Go store also show some of the regular promotional product content that has proven to be so incredibly valuable across the broad Aldi business in the UK. The company continues to recognise how powerful a tool its dynamic signage is proving and that it continues to work with us to discuss leveraging the technology to further support its innovative approach to shopping.

1 in 5 Customers make unplanned purchases after seeing items on digital screens.*


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