Press Release: Ergonomic Solutions Showcasing Cutting-Edge Digital Signage Solutions at ISE 2024! Hall 5, Stand 5D100

Ergonomic Solutions, the world's leading provider of advanced technology mounting solutions, is proud to announce its participation in Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024, where the company will be showcasing its groundbreaking Digital Signage products.

With a rich history of over 25 years in manufacturing and designing payment and point-of-sale solutions for more than half of the world's largest retailers, Ergonomic Solutions is now applying its expertise to transform the landscape of Digital Signage.

The retail industry is witnessing an unprecedented level of competition, and traditional marketing strategies are becoming obsolete. Recognizing the need for innovative solutions, Ergonomic Solutions introduces a comprehensive lineup of Indoor, Window, Back-to-Back, and Outdoor enclosures for Digital Signage.


Hot off the production line!

Universal Enclosure
Ergonomic Solutions is proud to introduce its latest Digital Signage innovation, the Universal Enclosure! A revolutionary solution designed to address various challenges faced by users and distributors. Meticulously crafted to accommodate a diverse range of screens within the same enclosure, minimizing the need for excessive stock and providing unparalleled flexibility for distributors.

The Universal Enclosure also mitigates issues related to backplate bends, a common concern arising from incorrect handling, by incorporating a robust design that enhances structural stability. Furthermore, this cutting-edge enclosure allows for floor mounting without the necessity of ceiling anchoring, providing users with versatile installation options.

Compatibility is key, our Universal Enclosure can accommodate most 55" screens with a 200² to 600 x 400 Vesa.   The inclusion of protective glass with no gap between the glass and screen ensures not only a sleek aesthetic but also optimal screen protection. Ergonomic Solutions' Universal Enclosure is truly brand agnostic, offering a comprehensive and reliable solution for a wide spectrum of digital signage needs.


Captivate Consumers with SpacePole In-Store Digital Signage

The challenge of ineffective signage in a world bombarded by over 10,000 daily adverts has prompted Ergonomic Solutions to develop the SpacePole In-Store Digital Signage range. Static signage is akin to playing the triangle at a rock concert, drowned out by the noise of competing visuals within retail spaces.

In response, Ergonomic Solutions, in collaboration with Samsung, introduces an in-store mounting solution for the SH37 Stretch screen. This innovation elevates traditional signage, bringing dynamic and engaging messaging directly to the aisles. With recall rates as high as 83%, this cutting-edge solution ensures that your brand's message doesn't fade into the background.


Lift & Learn

Elevate your retail experience with our lift & learn product discovery application.  Our RFID-powered solution provides instant product information when lifted, empowering customers to make informed choices effortlessly.

Interactive displays act as pivotal touchpoints, transforming browsing into an immersive educational journey. With 38% of customers discovering new products through in-store displays, Lift & Learn offers unparalleled engagement and brand awareness opportunities.

From initial discovery to informed decision-making, our technology drives conversions by providing valuable insights and re-educating customers on known products. Join us in revolutionizing the retail experience with Lift & Learn.


Hook & Rail: Customisable Digital Signage Solutions

Ergonomic Solutions SPDS2000-series Hook & Rail system, optimized for Retail, QSR, Hospitality, and Entertainment markets. This system is a versatile solution for digital menu boards and other ceiling and wall-mounted applications, supporting screen sizes from 22” to 55” in both portrait and landscape orientations.

The configurable and modular nature of the Hook & Rail system allows for single or multiple screens to be mounted to the wall or ceiling. single-sided or back-to-back configurations. With tilt and screen height adjustment features, this system ensures exceptional visibility tailored to different ceiling heights, allowing businesses to create a custom installation that meets their specific needs.


Join Ergonomic Solutions at ISE 2024

Ergonomic Solutions invites all industry professionals, retailers, and technology enthusiasts to visit their booth (Hall 5, Stand 5D100) at ISE 2024, where the future of Digital Signage will be on display. Explore the possibilities, experience the innovation firsthand, and discover how Ergonomic Solutions can elevate your business with cutting-edge technology mounting solutions.

Come and see for yourself! Hall 5, Stand 5D100


For more information or to schedule a meeting at ISE 2024, please contact Peter Lumsden

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