SpacePole RFID Checkout: Join the Retail Revolution

Exciting news in the world of retail technology! Ergonomic Solutions, syspro, HP and GK Software are collaborating to unveil the next generation of RFID checkouts at Retail Technology Show 2024.

RFID technology has been considered a significant advancement in the retail industry for a long time, and it's not hard to see why. By embedding RFID tags into products, the merchandise can be scanned all together at the checkout, significantly reducing the time it takes to process transactions. The result is a seamless and efficient checkout process that keeps the queues moving and customers happy.

RFID checkouts also offer real-time inventory updates, helping retailers better manage stock levels and prevent losses due to shrinkage. A problem which currently costs retailers over $100 billion a year. 

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key, and RFID technology delivers in spades. Imagine a checkout process where customers simply place their items in a designated area and watch as they're automatically registered by the system. It's quick, effortless and contactless.

The possibilities extend beyond the checkout counter. RFID technology can be utilised throughout the retail environment for tasks such as tracking peak sales periods, enhancing customer interactions with smart mirrors, and integrating with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems to minimise theft.

This collaboration between syspro, HP, GK Software and Ergonomic Solutions represents a significant step forward in the evolution of retail technology. By combining our expertise with these industry leaders, we are poised to deliver a solution that not only meets the needs of today's retailers but also paves the way for the future of in-store shopping.

Here’s how the technology works:

GK Software provides an out-of-the-box, web-based service, that integrates with the RFID middleware from syspro. This enables the retailer to seamlessly automate the checkout process, both at a Self-Checkout and a traditional Point-of-Sale. Through the integration, RFID labels are used for item identification and (EAS). The unique identification number on items that are paid for is transferred to the syspro middleware, which ensures that an alert goes off only if an unpaid item passes through the store’s security gates.

Come and see our new RFID checkout and meet our partners on stand 6E20 at the Retail Technology Show, on April 24-25th.

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