Ergonomic Solutions receives DANSK HR award 2022 for their work on ESG - Environment, Social and Governance

The Ergonomic Solutions Group joined the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), an ambitious form of climate action for companies, earlier this year.

The HR department had a central role in the work required to fulfil the companies’ objectives of being responsible in relation to the Environment, Social and Governance initiative. Our company takes that responsibility very seriously, which is why we are so pleased to have received this award from DANSK HR.

Head of HR Mette Haslev at Ergonomic Solutions says: "So far, we have signed up to the Science Based Target Initiative, and we are one of only around 3,800 companies worldwide, and among the subset of 1,800 companies that have actually defined and approved climate science goals with a view to reducing our CO2 emissions.”

Ergonomic Solutions made a conscious choice to start with the environment as the first step, and then follow with Social and Governance. The task is a joint project for the entire company, and we have approached the project as a team.

"What I think makes it special is the way that we work, with the CEO, COO and Head of HR working together as a team. Everyone contributes with clear input to all parts, but everyone also has a direct responsibility for their own area," explains Mette Haslev.

"The responsibility for the project has not been placed within one department, and no one has been hired to 'take care of it'. It is all of us who do the legwork, both because we do not have a lot of resources to draw on, but also because we believe it is necessary, and not a task we can simply delegate to a staff function. ESG must be deeply integrated into our company, and a project like this has enormous significance not only for our future competitiveness and position in the marketplace, but also as well as our appeal to new employees", adds HR Specialist in Ergonomic Solutions Dorthe Kraglund.

Ergonomic Solutions are proud to have been awarded the prestigious HR Award 2022 from DANSK HR, which is only awarded once a year.

Ergonomic Solutions HR department receives Dansk HR Award (Photo credit Jacob Crawfurd)

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